Who do our Federal Politicians Represent

Political parties were created to divide the Citizens of Canada.

To fix the system, we need to look at the “Big Picture” and not be led down the garden path by the political ideologies of any specific political party.

The Politicians are not telling the truth.

Once these corrupt political parties find a “Hot Button” issue, they spin the issue with a mix of factual information, (designed to give a little bid of creditability to the issue). 

Then they spin it to the “Left”, or “Right”, by inserting miss-information (False or inaccurate information, especially that which is deliberately intended to deceive), 

or dis-information (false information deliberately and often covertly spread (as by the planting of rumors) in order to influence public opinion, or obscure the truth).

The Political version of the Truth.

The Citizens of Canada (who are looking at their political leaders to provide truthful information, so the Voters can make an informed decision on a specific issue), are left with the only option, to follow what the party in power, or the opposition party, presents as their version of the TRUTH.

Why these CORRUPT POLITICIANS act the way they do, and which master they actually serve.

I will attempt to list who these Senior Bureaucrats, and Corrupt Politicians, swear their allegiance to:

PS. It is not the taxpayer, or the voting public.

Who do these Corrupt Politicians report to?

#1. Their current Political Party.

#2 Themselves.

#3 The Corporate Lobbyists.

#4 The Private Foundations, the Non-Government Organizations (NGO), and Non-Profit Organizations.

#5 International Organizations Controlled by the Global Elite.

#6 Political Activists.

#7 The Tax-payer and the Voter.

The People need to Wake-Up, Stand-up, and VOTE OUT, the Corrupt Politicians

The CORRUPTION that is rampant, is not only attributed to our current government, but applies to all previous political parties that controlled our Provinces, and Country.