Issue of the day

Rules & Laws don't apply to Corrupt Politicians.

If i can lie to the voters and pretend the Aga Khan is my long time personal friend, it won't look so bad.

Hey Justin, I think i can fix it so we can tax everyone , but exempt ourselves.

Let's sick the CRA on the Small Business Owner, Farmers, and the people on a fixed income. 

But stay away from the Corporate Elite.        I'm afraid of their Lawyers

At least Quebec has the balls to stand up against Trudeau.

We just have to pretend we will support Trudeau on his mission for a UN Security Council seat, and he will pass a law baring Canadians from speaking up against us.

If we tax the people high enough, they will be too weak from trying to just survive.

Lets keep them beaten down and wondering how they are going to pay for food, shelter & heat. 

This way they can never be strong enough to form a resistance against us.

Let's pay the Terrorists $ 10.5 million each, we can take it from the Veterans budget.

Hey Bill, if we reward the Terrorists and treat the military like the "Cannon Fodder" they are, we will look amazing at the UN and on the World Stage.

Let's abandon the Military in the Middle East .

I know we send them to do our dirty deeds, so the Global Elite can sell arms to both sides, but can they not have the decency to            die on the battlefield, so we don't have to look after them when they come back?