What the average Canadian wants from their Politicians

The basic necessities of life for all Canadians.

  • Food & Water
  • Shelter & Clothing
  • Security
  • Medical (Dental & Drugs)
  • Education (K-12)

Reasonable Taxation

  • A flat income tax of 25-30% for all.
  • Everyone pays the same rate regardless of income.
  • Corporations, Small Business, Farmers, etc. all pay the same, on gross income.
  • Provincial + Federal = 25-30%.
  • Any additional taxation (including user fees) cannot be implemented without a referendum.

Accountability, Integrity, and Fidicuary Duties from Politicians

  • Legally accountable for spending of taxpayer funds.
  • Realistic prison terms for corrupt or incompetent Politicians.
  • Simplistic recall and dismissal for Politicians.
  • Must act in the best interests of the people.

Lobbysts and Special Interest Groups

  • Banned from approaching any sitting member of Parliament.
  • Severe penalties for any Politician supporting these groups.

Foreign Aide

  • No taxpayer money will be provided as any type of Foreign Aide, gift, or any other monetary instrument.
  • Only  after the needs of all of Canada's people have been addressed, the Country's infrastructure has been updated, and Canada is completely out of Debt, will the topic of Foreign Aid be looked at.

Canada's Values

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