Excessive Taxation

Excessive Taxation

The Corrupt Canadian Politicians have an insatiable appetite for spending your hard-earned Tax Dollars.  

By the time you add together all the TAXES, (HST, PST GST, Income Tax, Fuel Tax, etc.) and the Government created “USER Fees” (that they don’t want to call a Tax), plus newly created Taxes such as; the Carbon Tax, Cap & Trade Tax, and others that are hidden with taxes, Canadians are paying in excess of 55%-70% of their gross income to the Government. 

Yet these Corrupt Politicians never seem to have enough money, so they borrow more and more knowing full well they will be long gone before future generations have to pay up. 

They even try to confuse Canadian Taxpayers and Voters, by intermingling the terms “Deficit” and “Debt”, so by the time they are finished flapping their gums, everyone including themselves are totally confused. 

At the rate our Corrupt Politicians are spending money, Canadian Citizens will never be in a position to pay off our Debt. 

National Deficit = How much of the Taxpayer’s money, these Corrupt Politicians spend, or give away, to foreign countries and Foreign Organizations in excess of what they steal from Taxpayers in the form of Taxation in one year. 

National Debt = Is the accumulation of all of the money Politicians have borrowed and not paid back. 

Each year, whatever amount is left owing because of the current years deficit, is transferred to the National Debt.  

This process allows the Corrupt Politicians to start each new year, debt-free.


The Tax-payer and the Voter. Have you ever noticed that nothing really concrete happens for the first two years a Political Party is in POWER?   

The main reasons are

a. They have to; first, look after everyone on the list  above the taxpayer/voter; 

b. Then they have to raid the Federal, or Provincial Treasury, just in case their Political Party is not elected next time around; 

c. Then they have to study the political map to see where the majority of voters (who voted for them) reside. To bribe them to vote again for the same “Corrupt Political Party”. 

d. Then, they use the illegal process of “gerrymandering”, to change the political voting boundaries, to ensure as many of their supporters are in the geographical area that is the most advantageous to the political party in power. 

e. Then they need the remaining time to prepare for the next election. 

f. If you voted for an opposing political party, you may have to wait for the next election to receive fair treatment.

Their current Political Party.

The politicians will do whatever they have to do (legal or not), to keep their Political Party in POWER. The Party Whip ensures the Politicians tow the line and all vote the way the Party wants. Their only end-game is to REMAIN IN POWER for as long as possible. Everything else is secondary.


The longer these corrupt politicians can stay in POWER, the greater the opportunities are to enrich themselves. This applies to everything from, their GOLD-PLATED PENSIONS, to their outrageous pay and benefits.


Is the name of the game.

Theirs, NOT yours.

International Organizations Controlled by the Global Elite, and their Political Activists.

The first one that comes to mind is the “United Nations (UN)”, and their Globalist Agenda

Secondly, the “International Monetary Fund (IMF)”, and the tools they employ for “wealth re-distribution”, YOURS not THEIRS.

The Corrupt Politicians routinely fund these organizations through “shell corporations”, if whatever they are protesting is in-line with, or enhances the ideology they are trying to sell to their followers (the Sheeple), to create a divide among the Citizens of Canada. 

The Corrupt Politicians know only too well, that they have to “create the illusion of difference” between the Political Parties. 

Realistically, other than the label, and their place on the political spectrum, they are more, or less, the same.

The Corporate Lobbyists.

These Lobbyists PAY-TO-PLAY

They indirectly pay the Corrupt Politicians, and their Corrupt Political Parties, to gain favour, or an advantage, over their competition. 

They use a lot of subterfuge to get the money to the political decision-makers. 

Everything from paying politicians hundreds of thousands of dollars $$$$, for “Speaking Engagements” to $10,000.00 a plate “Dinner Parties”, etc. 

Where insider information is shared with the corrupt politicians, (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) for personal investments, etc.

The Private Foundations, the Non-Government Organizations (NGO), and Non-Profit Organizations.

They all send their Lobbyists to see the Corrupt Government Officials, to raid the Taxpayer’s Treasury. 

In return the Corrupt Politician (or immediate family member) can expect to receive a “Seat on the Board of Directors” of some applicable company, with the associated outlandish Compensation, or even something as simple as, Holidays on “Private Islands owned by Billionaires”. 

These Corrupt Politicians know they will never be held accountable, because they know the opposition members have probably done the same things when they were in POWER..